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War Hawks and the War of 1812

Warhawks and the War of 1812 The War Hawks were individuals from Congress who put focus on President James Madison to announce war against Britain in 1812. The War Hawks would in general be more youthful congressmen from southern and westernâ states. Theirâ desire for war was provoked by expansionist propensities. Their plan included adding Canada and Florida to the domain of the United States just as driving the wilderness further west in spite of obstruction from Native American clans. Purposes behind War The War Hawks refered to numerous pressures between the two nineteenth century powerhouses as contentions for war. Strains included infringement that the British submitted with respect to U.S. sea rights, the impacts of the Napoleonic Wars and waiting hostility from the Revolutionary War.â Simultaneously, the western wilderness was feeling pressure from Native Americans, who shaped a collusion to stop the infringement of white pilgrims. The War Hawks accepted that the British were financing the Native Americans in their opposition, which just boosted them to pronounce war against Great Britain considerably more. Henry Clay In spite of the fact that they were youthful and even called the young men in Congress, the War Hawks picked up impact given the authority and appeal of Henry Clay. In December 1811, the U.S. Congress elected Henry Clayâ of Kentucky as speaker of the house. Earth turned into a representative for the War Hawks and pushed the plan of war against Britain. Difference in Congress Congressmen fundamentally from northeastern states couldn't help contradicting the War Hawks. They would not like to take up arms against Great Britain since they accepted their seaside states would bear the physical and monetary outcomes of an assault by the British armada more than southern or western states would. War of 1812 In the long run, the War Hawks influenced Congress. President Madison was in the long run persuaded to oblige the requests of the War Hawks, and theâ vote to go to warâ with Great Britain passed by a generally little edge in the U.S. Congress. The War of 1812 kept going from June 1812 to February 1815. The subsequent war was exorbitant to the United States. At a certain point British soldiers walked on Washington, D.C. andâ burned the White House and the Capitol. At long last, the expansionist objectives of the War Hawks were not accomplished as there were no adjustments in regional limits. Settlement of Ghent Following 3 years of war, the War of 1812 finished up with the Treaty of Ghent. It was marked on December 24, 1814 in Ghent, Belgium. The war was an impasse, therefore the reason for the settlement was to reestablish relations to the state of affairs before the war. This implies U.S. also, Great Britain outskirts were to be reestablished to the condition they were in before the War of 1812. All caught lands, detainees of war and military assets, for example, ships, were restored.â Current Usage The term sell despite everything continues in American discourse today. The word portrays somebody who is agreeable to starting a war.

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System Thinking Approach to Problem Solution

Framework Thinking Approach to Problem Solution Presentation Framework believing is a significant segment in the atmosphere framework, and assumes a key job in diagnosing the association by utilizing various philosophies .System believing is a methodology for taking a gander at issues from numerous points, taking a gander at the entire issue as opposed to parts (Jackson 2008). In this task the essayist will investigate A difficult issue and utilize the fitting system to take care of the issue. Issue Situation Middle Easterner National Bank (ANB), a Saudi Joint Stock Company, is one of the best ten banks in the Middle East. Since its initiation in mid-1979, ANB has worked through its 143 nearby offices, 21 Womens areas and one branch in London, UK since 1991. Bedouin Bank offers a full scope of residential and global business and Islamic items and administrations to the retail and corporate areas. The bank additionally offers consultancy and speculation, common assets and resources the board, nearby and universal value exchanging, remote trade and treasury administrations. They are a few head exercises, for instance, right off the bat, retail banking, for example, store, credit and speculation items for people. Also , corporate banking, for example, advances , stores and other credit items for corporate, institutional clients, little to medium measured organizations and the Banks London branch. At long last, treasury banking: deals with the banks exchanging and speculation portfolios and the banks financing and liquidity, cash, and commission hazard. The banks staff right now has 3, 532 representatives, of which 90 % are Saudi Citizens (ANB). The bank recently accomplished huge benefits without genuine rivalry and absence of banks and the Public Pension Agency moves pay rates of retirees through ANB, however as of late the bank has confronted a few significant issues, for example, expanded staff turnover. Many qualified representatives who have a few obligations in their areas of expertise have surrendered and gone to different banks. ANB is confronting genuine difficulties, especially the rise of new contenders with the rise of new banks after Saudi Arabia joined the World Trade Organization. The new banks, for example, Al Belad and Al Jazerah are appealing to experienced and gifted representatives, since they offer significant compensations and a decent situation. Additionally, talented representatives in ANB are working under unpleasant conditions; they are working for extended periods of time without inspiration. At the point when talented and learned workers leave Arab Bank, it is difficult to track down elective rep resentatives. This has badly affected ANBs achievement and development. Representation The pith of illustration is understanding and encountering one sort of thing as far as another (Lackoff and Johnson, 1980, p 5). For this examination illustrations are utilized to investigate and explore the subsurface of our difficult circumstance. Representations are considered as focal points to uncover our perspective and inventive reasoning. They can be utilized to see how various associations work and how directors can change their direction functioning and perceive the concealed issues in associations. Morgan (1997) brought up that the analogies in his composing are a genuine case of how to utilize illustration in associations. As per Mutch (2006, p19) The material on the utilization of analogy in hierarchical examination proposes various methodologies. There has been significant enthusiasm for investigating the abstract gadgets that may be utilized, going past the utilization of similitude to investigate, Morgan (1986) makes reference to eight analogies while Jackson (2003) included from Alvesson and Deetz (1996) a ninth one, as follows: Mind: data preparing framework and effectiveness in taking care of issue. Motion and change: insight, attractors, confusion and multifaceted nature Culture: Society, values, convictions, laws, belief system, decent variety and history Political framework: rights, power, shrouded motivation, pioneers and peace making Mystic jail: oblivious procedures and compulsive workers Instrument of control: separation , consistence and moxy Jubilees: limit request and bolster imagination. Living being: associations managing their surroundings, structures and improvement. Machine: productivity, practicality, and quality Is perceived as a specialized appearance that has a few (frequently normalized) parts each with an unequivocal capacity. Much accentuation is put on the productivity of the parts. The machine works in an everyday practice and dull design and performs foreordained arrangements of activites, looking for the balanced and effective methods for arriving at preset objectives and destinations (Flood and Jackson, 1991, p 8). To investigate the above expressed issue circumstance, the essayist chose to utilize the living being analogy as a prevailing illustration and machine allegory as a needy similitude. Creature is applicable in light of the fact that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined the World Trade Organization. The author picked these for two reasons; first, the long history for ANB as a benefit organization (association structure); second proficiency of creation exercises in a machine established of interlocking parts (association effectiveness). Along these lines ANB needs adjustments to another condition .The association exist in a serious worldwide condition where there is solid rivalry for speculation, markets and gifted representatives. ANB is a benefit organization and should be adaptable and to keep eyes available in light of the fact that it needs to keep up piece of the pie to accomplish its objectives. Then again, is the arrangement of work in ANB is normal, and like a machine, for instan ce tellers and client administrations. Arrangement of System Methodologies (SOSM) A Complex framework is a convoluted framework that has countless subsystems to be worked, and numerous connections between the components. A straightforward framework is a framework with away from with few subsystems to be worked. The activity in the Bank depends on a muddled framework with an enormous quantities of subsystems, for example, numerous mind boggling figuring and data frameworks, as often as possible refreshed information and money related tasks. Workers from the functional and bolster sides both have differing perspectives and interests however have a similar profession desires (unitary) at ANB. In the authors conclusion, this implies the issue circumstance in the ANB is intricate unitary circumstance that includes genuine execution as showed beneath, a changed form. Jackson and Keys (1984) recommend that decision of a proper framework approach relies upon the idea of the difficult setting. They presented a framework, later changed by Jackson to help in characterizing s ettings. As indicated by framework intricacy and members (see figure A1) . Members: Members are people who partake to accomplish shared objectives, share similar interests or participates in something. As indicated by Flood and Jackson ( 1991) members are separated into three gatherings : First ; unitary ,they share the regular interests , have exceptionally good qualities and convictions , and huge understanding upon closures and means. They all take an interest in dynamic. Besides, Pluralist; they have essential similarity of interests and their qualities and convictions differ somewhat .They don't really concur upon closures and means yet they take part in dynamic .They continue as per chose goals. At long last, Coercive; they don't share basic interests .Their qualities and convictions are probably going to strife .They don't concur upon finishes and means. Ideal models: The word worldview is presently normally used to allude to something like world view or method of seeing things (Jackson, 2008, p 37). As per Jackson and Gregory (2008), hence are four sorts of worldview: The functionalist worldview: advances proficiency, adequacy, endurance and adjustment. Related with this worldview are the machine , creature , cerebrum , and transition and transformational similitudes . The interpretive worldview: encourages supervisors to scan for the level of shared corporate culture in the association, expanding responsibility and prevalence in work life. The way of life and political similitudes are identified with this worldview. The liberator worldview: focuses on segregation dependent on class, sex, race, and inability. Identified with this worldview are the mystic jail and instruments of control representations. The postmodern worldview: takes a less genuine perspective on association, trusts it is too hard to even think about understanding utilizing some other worldview, accentuates having a fabulous time in the associations, and that one can learn much by carrying struggle to the association surface. The analogy of the jamboree is related with this worldview. So I can be seen from these ideal models that the ANB worldview is functionalist. Having taken a gander at illustrations, framework, members and ideal models, it tends to be proposed that life form is a command and machine the dependant allegory, association worldview is functionalist and the substance is perplexing and unitary. Since the issue as a mind boggling one and as the members are unitary, one might say that VSM is the best procedure to bargain with this issue since this philosophy is described as perplexing unitary. It is likewise approach for a circumstance where the members are functionalist, whishing to advance productivity, viability and adjustment. In this manner, it is appropriate to continue to the Viable System Methodology (VSM). Utilization of Viable System Methodology (VSM) The VSM is utilized during the time spent feasible frameworks determination. The VSM offers answers for issues of unpredictability; it stays frail in managing pluralism, struggle and intimidation. This shortcoming originates from the life form and mind representations it utilizes and the functionalist worldview it is typically connected with (Jackson and Gregory, 2008, p 49). As indicated by Flood and Jackson (1991), The VSM is a game plan of five practical components (frameworks 1-5) that are interconnected through a complex of data and control circles. VSM help self association and limited administration of issues. Likewise accentuation is set on the relat

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National Museum Review (Philippines) Essay

What an oldie but a goodie. September 5, 2013 a memorable date, another extraordinary day in my life. This was the day I and my two square mates proceeded to visit a foundation. The foundation committed to the obtainment, care, study, and show of objects of enduring enthusiasm of the nation. Altogether, this establishment resembles a trophy to all Filipinos, a triumphant trophy of solid and fiery characteristic of an uncommon history, this is the National Museum of the Philippines. At the point when I was in grade school and secondary school, I’ve been to the National Museum for a few times as of now, as a result of our Field Trip. Consequently, I am so upbeat and energized when our Professor in Philippine History disclosed to us that one of our necessities is to visit National Museum and have the option to pass a reflection about the Museum, in light of the fact that it’s about time to reflect and acknowledge a greater amount of the country’s history and fortune . I used to direct looks into before I go to a spot like National Museum, since I accept that it’s insufficient just to visit places like such with no earlier information or enthusiasm about the spot, I believe being somewhat intellectual would do, for we can value a greater amount of the spot. In my examination I have discovered that, the National Art Gallery was initially planned as the open library by Ralph Harrington Doane. In 1918, the development started and was suspended for a few times because of absence of assets. Later on, the structure was chosen to be utilized by the governing body. Updates of the arrangement were finished by Juan Arellano. The structure was introduced on July 16, 1926. Costing just 4,000,000 pesos, in the mid-1996 the Senate of the Philippines moved out of the structure. In 2003, the remodel began to change it into National Art Gallery of the national Museum. Prior to entering the historical center, you’ll see two models done by the craftsman Guillermo Tolentino. They are the chivalrous landmarks of Manuel Quezon, previous Senate President; and Sergio Osmena, previous Speaker of the House. At the point when I entered the entryway there was an inclination of fervor and something secretive. Something that holds my breath and murmurs in my ears saying, â€Å"This is your nation, this is Philippines†. As though I am going to see the past of my nation, records of its history that were untold. There are various rooms/lobbies inside the historical center. Each takes into account various craftsmen, antiquities and verifiable pieces. One of my most loved in the rooms is the Hall of Masters. â€Å"This room is committed to the nineteenth century Filipino painters Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo who accomplished unmistakable quality atâ the 1884 Madrid Exposition. Luna’s Spoliarium got one of the three gold awards and Hidalgo’s Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al Populacho (Christian Virgins Presented to the Populace) got one of the fourteen silver medals† I’m not the diletantish type, yet this Juan Luna painting is unquestionably the solitary painting that evoked such solid sentiments in me †franticness and misery in an enormous bundle. I initially observed it in secondary school, however considering it to be a grown-up never darkened the impact it had on me everything else could not hope to compare. I trust treasures like this will be always our own. Another most loved of mine is the Amorsolo Gallery. In my inquires about I discovered that â€Å"Fernando C. Amorsolo, named National Artist in Painting in 1972, was the primary Filipino to ever be given that differentiation. He was likewise called the â€Å"Grand Old Man of Philippine Art† at the initiation of the Manila Hilton’s craftsmanship focus, where his works of art were displayed, on January 23, 1969. His works secured a wide scope of subjects, however he was most popular for his glorified female pictures of the dalagang Filipina. He likewise painted scenes of customary Filipino traditions, holidays and occupations, and arrangement of chronicled compositions on pre-Colonial and Spanish Colonization scenes. He liked to paint in characteristic light and built up the backdrop illumination procedure, which turned into his trademark. † Other exhibitions incorporates the Arellano room, committed to the productive painter Juan Arellano, who is additionally one the designers of the structure. The Beloved Land, â€Å"This room presents the extent of the historical backdrop of craftsmanship in the Philippines through a timeline.† The Vessels of Faith, â€Å"This room presents the different articulations of Philippine spirituality.† The Hall of National Artists for the Visual Arts, â€Å"This room is devoted to the visual craftsmen who have been named National Artists by the government.† The Freedom Yearned For, â€Å"This room communicates the topic of battle of Filipinos against imperialism and the types of mistreatment that continue to this day.† Over the National Art Gallery building is The Museum of the Filipino People. It houses the Anthropology and Archeology division. The Museum of the Filipino People houses various shows from the starting point of the islands of the Philippines up to the appearance of the Spaniards. The structure some time ago housed the Department of Finance. The National Museum of the Philippines resembles the nation itself, the Philippines is a position of lovely and entrancing locales, a position of good fortune, a spot with much assets Philippines isâ truly a spot like no other. Yet, what we did, and what we are as yet doing are oppressive and deteriorative sign on our undeniable blessings. Moreover, the National Museum is spot of wonderful and intriguing centerpieces, a position of riddle and fortune, a position of told and untold narratives of our territory. However, much the same as our nation we express less consideration. That is one of my mistake when I visited; I just observed a portion of the exhibitions, for the Museum is under remodel. On the off chance that I am not confused that remodel plan is with years as of now. I solicited one from the staff who directs our way into the displays, â€Å"Is there any handout that the Museum is providing for the visitor?† the staff answered â€Å"None sir, on the grounds that the Museum has no spending plan with that.† What the hell. Our history, the confirmations of the incredible excursion of the nation were situated there, yet we don’t give enough consideration and love on that establishment. I have entitled my appearance â€Å"An untold Chronicle through Art (The Pearl of the Orient)† Because it’s so astounding and mind blowing, to believe that through the canvases and figures, garments and silks, structures and writing our precursors imaginatively made our history engraved on our brains and particularly on our souls. Also, â€Å"The Pearl of the Orient† in light of the fact that, it is simply the Philippine, the reflection and reflection of our nation, of our past and it’s in the hands of the present to endlessly protect its excellence. Toward the day's end, I understood that I’m so fortunate and favored to have such great history as a Filipino. The National Museum of the Philippines is simply the Philippines, the narrative of the Filipinos. Considerab ly, it is now engraved and will always be engraved into my psyche and into my heart that I am a Filipino, I am pleased with my story, and I will keep my blasting heart to touch off with affection and care to my nation. The First Mass at Limasawa via Carlos V. Fransisco Model for the Commonwealth Triumphal Arch by Guillermo Santos Francis Burton Harrison by Fernando Amorsolo Picture of a Lady (Unfinished) Fernando Amorsolo San Diego Wreck Site

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5 Pieces of College Prep Advice from an Student

IvyWise Pro Bono Student Eunice Gives Insight and Advice Into Her College Admissions Journey Often the college prep advice that students can best relate to is that given by peers going through the same journey. So what insight do students currently navigating the college admissions landscape have for others? We caught up with pro bono student Eunice to get her take on what students need to keep in mind when applying to college this fall, and some advice for students who may be just starting the college prep process! At, we work with a wide variety of students in various stages of the admissions process, including a number of pro bono students. Our students have a wealth of insight, and every so often we like to check in with some of our pro bono students to see how their admissions process is going and what advice we have for others. Check out Eunice’s college prep advice and watch her video diary below! Your College Application Essay Isn’t a â€Å"Formula†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Throughout high school I’ve always been taught the very professional, formula five-paragraph essay, but the college essay is very creative in that it has more space than a simple formula.† It’s important for students to remember that their college application essay or personal statement is an opportunity to get creative and let the admissions office learn something about you that can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t focus on creating an academic-type essay that just lists what’s already on your activity list. Instead, get creative and dig deep to find a topic that gives more context to your interests and who you are as a student and person. There’s no formula or â€Å"right way† to write your college application essay, so take time to brainstorm, write, edit, and revise your college application essay until it’s something you’d be really proud to submit. Welcome Feedbackâ€Å"The college admissions process is a process in which you should truly welcome feedback†¦what you may be thinking is very clear on your essay may not be clear when someone else reads it.† Writing a creative and compelling essay is hard, and often an exercise that some students are not used to. This is why it’s important for students to welcome feedback on their essays, as well as other components of their college applications. Your college counselor, independent counselor, and even teachers and parents can offer valuable insight into how an essay reads. Your college counselor can also give feedback on your activity list, supplements, and more. Use the resources available to you to get the most comprehensive feedback possible and use it to submit applications that represent the best version of you! Check In On Yourselfâ€Å"It’s really important for you to check in on yourself during this college application process because it’s inevitable that for many people it’s going to be very stressful and very intense no matter how much you prepare for’s important to check up on yourself and for ideas to ruminate and have some time for these ideas to develop.† Don’t let the college admissions process consume you! Yes, it’s a lot of work and can be stressful, but it’s important to take a step back and reevaluate if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Take some time to do the things that you enjoy and spend time with your family and friends. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This process is about you, so check in on yourself and make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the support available to you. Follow Your Passionsâ€Å"If you truly fill up your high school experience with things that you love doing it’s going to go past in like a minute.† The college admissions process is about self-discovery. Students should use their time in high school to learn about the things they’re most passionate about and pursue them! Work to identify your passions and interests early on, and fill your time with activities, outside reading, and other initiatives that can help you delve more deeply into those interests. Don't do things that you think will â€Å"look good† to admissions officers. They’re looking for authenticity, not a packaged student who fits a mold you think they’re looking for. Fill your time with the things you truly love, and you’ll have a rewarding admissions season come senior year. Focus on Collaboration Not Competitionâ€Å"Have a really great support network of people supporting you throughout this process rather than feeling so intensely in competition with other people.† The college admissions process can be extremely competitive, especially if you’re applying to some of the most selective colleges and universities in the US. However, your peers are a source of support, so don’t feel like you need to be in constant competition with them. Not only can that ruin friendships, it can also make for a very unfulfilling high school experience if you’re constantly worried about how you’re doing in comparison to others. Instead, work to collaborate with your peers. Find ways to better explore your interests together and learn from one another! What advice do you have for students applying to college this fall? Tell us in the comments below! If you plan to apply to college this fall or in the future, get on the right track by downloading our free College Planning Checklist!

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How Proper Tire Inflation Can Help the Environment

When tires are not inflated to the pounds per square inch (PSI) rating recommended by manufacturers, they are less â€Å"round† and require more energy to begin moving and to maintain speed. As such, under-inflated tires do indeed contribute to pollution and increase fuel costs. Get Better Mileage An informal study by students at Carnegie Mellon University found that the majority of cars on U.S. roads are operating on tires inflated to only 80 percent of capacity. According to the website,, inflating tires to their proper pressure can improve mileage by about 3.3 percent, whereas leaving them under-inflated can lower mileage by 0.4 percent for every one PSI drop in pressure of all four tires. Fuel Costs and Emissions That may not sound like much, but it means that the average person who drives 12,000 miles yearly on under-inflated tires uses about 144 extra gallons of gas, at a cost of $300-$500 a year. And each time one of those gallons of gas is burned, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere as the carbons in the gas are released and combine with the oxygen in the air. As such, any vehicle running on soft tires is contributing as much as 1.5 extra tons (2,880 pounds) of greenhouse gases to the environment annually. Safety Besides saving fuel and money and minimizing emissions, properly inflated tires are safer and less likely to fail at high speeds. Under-inflated tires make for longer stopping distances and will skid longer on wet surfaces. Analysts point to under-inflated tires as a likely cause of many SUV rollover accidents. Properly inflated tires also wear more evenly and will last longer accordingly. Check Pressure Frequently and When Tires Are Cold Mechanics advise drivers to check their tire pressure monthly, if not more frequently. The correct air pressure for tires that come with new vehicles can be found either in the owner’s manual or inside the driver-side door. Beware, though, that replacement tires may carry a different PSI rating than the originals that came with the car. Most new replacement tires display their PSI rating on their sidewalls. Also, tire pressure should be checked when tires are cold, as internal pressure increases when the car has been on the road for a while, but then drops when the tires cool back down. It is best to check tire pressure before heading out on the road to avoid inaccurate readings. Congress Mandates Technology to Warn Drivers As part of the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act of 2000, Congress has mandated that automakers install tire pressure monitoring systems on all new cars, pickups, and SUVs beginning in 2008. To comply with the regulation, automakers are required to attach small sensors to each wheel that will signal if a tire falls 25 percent below its recommended PSI rating. Car makers spend as much as $70 per vehicle to install these sensors, a cost that is passed along to consumers. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some 120 lives a year are saved now that all new vehicles are equipped with such systems. Edited by Frederic Beaudry.

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Victor Wooten Redefines The Word Musician - 822 Words

Victor Wooten redefines the word musician. Regaled as the most influential bassist since Jaco Pastorius, Victor is known for his solo recordings and tours, and as a member of the Grammy-winning supergroup, Bà ©la Fleck The Flecktones. He is an innovator on the bass guitar, as well as a talented composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. But those gifts only begin to tell the tale of this Tennessee titan. Victor is the loving husband and devoted father of four; the youngest sibling of the amazing Wooten brothers (Regi, Roy, Rudy and Joseph), and the bassist in their famed family band; the student in the martial art of Wing Chun and the nature survival skill of Tracking; the teacher of dozens of Bass players at his†¦show more content†¦With the Flecktones in full flight, Victor set his sights on a solo career, first forming Bass Extremes with fellow low-end lord Steve Bailey (leading to an instructional book/CD and two CDs, to date), and finally releasing his critically-acclaimed solo debut, A Show of Hands, in 1996. Soon after, Vic took his solo show on the road with drummer J.D. Blair. Momentum and accolades built with successive tours and the release of What Did He Say? in 1997, the Grammy-nominated Yin-Yang in 1999 and the double CD, Live In America in 2001. Wooten won two Nashville Music Awards for Bassist Of The Year and is the only three-time winner of Bass Player magazine s Bass Player Of The Year. With the honors came sideman calls, leading to recordings and performances with artists like Branford Marsalis, Mike Stern, Bruce Hornsby, Chick Corea, Dave Matthews, Prince, Gov t Mule, Susan Tedeschi, Vital Tech Tones (with Scott Henderson and Steve Smith), the Jaco Pastorius Word Of Mouth Big Band, and the soundtrack of the Disney film Country Bears, not to mention the stellar work with guitarist Greg Howe and Dennis Chambers with the group Howe Wooten and Chambers. Fresh off sold-out tours with the Flecktones and Bass Extremes (with Bailey, Watson and Oteil Burbridge) in 2004, Victor is re-focusing

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Chavezs Speech free essay sample

is that ofâ€Å"[t]hree other children in Earlimart†¦ suffering from similar fatal diseases† (40). This predicament should most certainly raise some eyebrows and cause suspicion towards those who are in charge of such associations where they let this happen. So perhaps Ceasar Chavez was so successful, in part, due to these tools which truly do work wonders. Utilizing them are easy and one can see how useful they are, even used lightly.inswere convinced that the treatment that farm workers faced was less than ethical. Chavez’s Speech How was Ceasar Chavez such a good speech writer? One of the secrets is here. Chavez used ethos, pathos and logos in his speech, â€Å"lessons of Martin Luther King Jr.† to entice his listeners until theyFirstly, the writer creates ethos by talking of Martin Luther King Jr. Early on, Ceasar Chavez uses â€Å"truly be free at last† (5) in reference to MLK Jr. to appeal to the audience. We will write a custom essay sample on Chavezs Speech or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This shows that Chavez is credible in that he knows what he is talking about. Another such example of ethos is â€Å"[t]he purpose of direct action is to create a situation so crisis packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation† (9). Both of these acknowledge the author’s predecessor, forcing the idea that he knows how MLK Jr. would respond to this, and is going the same direction. Secondly, Chavez weaves pathos into his speech to instil pity and hopelessness in the hearts of the crowd members by speaking of the horrible conditions of farm working. First, he states, â€Å"the farm workers who are waging desperate struggles† (26). The writer exerts the heart wrenching truth upon the audience with this part, blanketing them with dread. After that, Chavez talks about the food, one being â€Å"the table grape†¦ pesticides soak the fields, drift with the winds, pollute the water, and are eaten† (31). This sheds light onto the fact that despite the laborers’ best works, the food they produce will never be safe. Finally, the writer uses logos by finding facts that nobody could deny. Chavez has uncovered many of these facts, one example of which being â€Å"four other children suffering from cancer†¦ 1200 percent above normal† (38). The rate at which this is going calls the listeners to action.One other tance